About Us

The Structural Engineers Association of Iowa is a non-profit organization established to enhance the public’s right to safe, reliable, and economical structures by advancing the practice of professional structural engineering through the following objectives:

1. To encourage improvement and promote excellence in the practice of structural engineering among its membership and the structural engineering community at large.

2. To advance the technical competence of structural engineers in Iowa through meetings, seminars, and other program.

3. To educate the public about the practice of structural engineering.

4. To enhance the stature, recognition, and image of the structural engineering profession with the general public.

5. To encourage its members to maintain strict ethical standards in their professional practice.

6. To provide a forum for members to exchange ideas, experience, and knowledge.

7. To develop standards and guidelines, and to disseminate information among structural engineers for the benefit of the profession and the public.

8. To cooperate with other professional organizations, and to represent its members on a national basis.

9. To advocate appropriate legislation and regulations that will positively affect structural engineers in Iowa.